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Electric Dog Fence Outline

Cindy V. | Littleton, MA

“Brian was wonderful to work with setting up our fence. He even came out and did additional training because she was afraid at first. It is working out Great! I highly recommend Ideal Fence - best investment for our Bella”

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Meghan U. | Holliston, MA

“Had a fantastic experience with Brian! He was prompt and explained everything thoroughly! He answered all my questions and was flexible when I had to reschedule! We are very happy with the work done and so is our dog!!”

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Bob B. | Winchendon, MA

“Nice guy and does great work in a timely manner. I have already recommended him to several people.”

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Jenifer L. | Chestnut Hill, MA

Very responsive and very thoughtful in the work he did! Great to work with!

Liz T. |

We hired Ideal Dog Fences for an Invisible fence repair. With 3 rescue dogs to corral, Brian arrived, like Superman, next day. He was expert in the repair, professional and a pleasure to do business with. We highly recommend IdealDog for all types of pet fence work.

Anonymous |

They were great called and explained every step. When they showed up they had everything they needed very professional and very personal. Great team. I would recommend them to any family member that needed a dog fence. Company is definitely worth it.

Virginia O. |

We are so pleased with our new ideal dog fence! Our dog Brady is 3 years old, he began exploring more into the woods than we wanted and we decided to get the fence to keep him safe and out of the woods and street. We have had the fence for two weeks and are beyond pleased! Brady is very happy with his new boundaries and enjoys playing with all of the kids in the yard. Brian was amazing. The fence was installed in just a few hours and after Brian worked with Brady he understood that he should stay away from the flags. I was concerned it would be tough for Brady seeing as he is 3 and not used to being contained but he picked it up in no time! Brian was so cool to work with, fast and professional work and always a phone call away if I had questions. The price was incredibly reasonable, I was surprised how reasonable, and included all of the labor and everything we will ever need. Thank you so much Brian! Brady says thank you too!

Tara T. |

I have had hunting dogs my entire life. We grew up using a 6 foot stockade fence and yet, there was always one dog who managed to scale the fence in chase of a squirrel! I was afraid of using an electric fence because I thought it was inhumane. I was wrong. I installed DogGuard about 15 years ago and I have successfully trained 7 dogs on the system. My dogs never get corrections because they understand their "hunting" zone. The fence allows them complete freedom to run and chase and play. While critics may argue that an electric fence keeps your dogs "in," but doesn't keep coyotes "out," I remind them that coyotes will gladly scale a 6 foot fence to seek prey. Brian has always been prompt and courteous when I have needed any type of service. When installed professionally and dogs trained correctly, an electric fence is the safest and most humane type of enclosure for your dogs.

Steve W. |

He is very thorough, provides good work, he's professional and doesn't hack things up and does it right right the first time.

Stacy B. |

He was friendly professional, he did not tear up the yard and very helpful training my dog.

Shankar K. | Hopkinton, MA

Brian was a professional who provided an estimate over the phone, worked with an outside firm to understand the need of the electronic boundary wire for my robotic lawnmower and completed the work as scheduled and did not quibble for the additional time it took him to complete the job. He returned back on a holiday weekend to fix damage done by the irrigation folks to the electronic fence

Ron K. |

After dealing with our 15lb mini golden doodle leaving the yard and be gone for 1/2 hr at a time, it was time to do something about it. I found Brians company and couldn't be happier now. Brian was easy to work with and he let me be there during the installation and make adjustments with the underground wiring as he was installing. Needless to say, our dog did escape a couple of times after that but with a little more training from us and adjustment to the system, things are going good now. We are certainly able to let him in the yard now, with the collar on, and he stays close by. He is certainly afraid of the fence and knows where he cannot go. Hire Ideal dog!

Review by Lee R. | Marblehead, MA

No Need for anyone to Shop around, Brian quotes competitive pricing and will do the installation right. He is a perfectionist, returns all calls promptly and pays attention to the details.

Maria C. | Chelmsford, MA

I priced out other dog fence companies and this one was had the best pricing. Brian also called me immediately and my work was scheduled and done quickly and on time. I had an issue with my dog collar which turned out to be an issue with the batteries but Brian drove to my house to test and reviewed everything with me again. Very happy I did this. My dog is not running out of the yard into the busy street anymore. I have such a large yard so a fence was not an option, I'm happy I found Ideal Dog.

Joseph K. | Auburn, MA

Very professional job, my fence was installed in 90 min and dogs have started training. We have been given training and troubleshooting info. I recommend this team for any future work and will recommend them to anyone who is looking to install an electric fence. Great Job!

Anonymous |

Excellent on time And easy to work with. Brian came twice as it was winter and we were expecting a storm. He did so in order to get wire in the ground prior to freeze. Followed up and returned the following week to finish and provide training. Would highly recommend.

Amanda S. |

Brian did a great job installing our dog fence. He is extremely knowledgeable and assisted us with training our dogs to learn the boundaries of the invisible fence. We highly recommend ideal dog fences. Our German Shepherd and our Irish setter love to play outside all day and we are so thankful to have peace of mind knowing they will stay home and not run off.

Jonathan G. | Douglas, MA

Needed a fence for large dog that likes visiting neighbors and is not afraid of cars. Ideal fenced nearly one acre around my house including driveway. They responded immediately and performed work on time. (In a snowstorm) During installation they discovered my neighbor had installed electric fence into my property and would interfere with my fence. They removed and reinstalled that portion back into neighbors property at no additional cost. Since installation they have reached out to me inquiring if I need additional training at no cost. Fence worked great and dog was roaming free within a week. Would highly recommend.

Jamie B. |

He was so awesome. He was the only one to help us with the fence on labor day in the hot sun. Did 5.5 hrs in the hot sun to complete the work. Would highly recommend.

Jackie C. |

We are so happy that we got an ideal dog fence. We have a 10 year old rat terrier but what prompted us to install an invisible fence was getting a new lab. We wanted him to be able to run free in our yard. Brian was professional and the install was quick and easy. Our older dog was fully trained in a couple of days and the puppy is trained but we still keep an eye on him out there.

Gary G. |

Ideal Dog Fences was hired for an electronic fence installation. Brian Pitre was my contact. He did exactly what he said he would do, in the time frame promised and within the estimate given. My Rottweiler was trained in a short time, and does NOT cross the boundary lines that were set up. This is what was promised. This fence, the install, everything about this project was great. The cost of this electronic fence was so much less expensive than a physical barrier, and it works! Thank you Brian!

Gary G. |

I wanted to be able to let my dog play in the yard without having to install a real fence that would cost a fortune and look horrible. I chose Dog Guard after a lot of research and found they had everything I was looking for. The cost was more then fair and their knowledge of the equipment and also the training of the dogs was excellent. They were very accommodating with their schedule to make the install work for my schedule. It is a great benefit to be able to let my dog out in the yard without having to worry that he will leave the yard. He knows where the boundaries are and he stays inside them. I recommend Dog Guard to anyone who is looking to get an invisible dog fence.

David A. |

I want to thank you for the effort you expended in locating the break in my DOG GUARD fence that you installed on my property years ago. When you found it, the splice was obviously one that someone else had made in my boundary wire (we have buried phone and electric and phone problem corrections probably caused that failure and improper splice). Your support for the systems you install is what I had hoped for when I chose DOG GUARD over other systems available. Your support deserves ‘Rave Ratings’. As I told you at the time you installed my system many years ago, if I had your system in place when I moved to the ‘country’ (where my city dogs had room to wander) I would have not lost two beautiful, four leg friends…. With our large lot and house well back from the road, I didn’t think that I needed to control my pets…. they’d be sure to stay by the house. For a time, they did stay close to the house, but the lure of nature lead them to untimely deaths. When they were lost, I had you install your system and since then my dogs have been totally safe. They stay close to the house without leads, tethers, or constant vigilance on our parts. I am, for the first time in my life, able to turn my pets loose and not worry about rabbits, cars, or sexual distractions luring them away from their defined grounds to be lost, injured, or killed. For many years I have been a dog obedience trainer for several organizations. In my first lesson, which is a lecture, I always discuss pet safety and stress the value of the buried wire dog fence. With the service you have always provided me, I always recommend that my students contact DOG GUARD! Thanks again for your help.

Christina A. |

We needed a fence to keep our lab safe. Ideal Dog Fences was the best choice for us. The peace of mind this fence has given us is worth it all! Our lab has been gone for some time now, but our Ideal Dog Fence is still going strong. Brian has personally come out to our house to fit our new dogs with collars. Brian helped with the training of our dogs as well. Ideal Dog Fences was the perfect fit for our family!

Chris M. | Ashland, MA

Brian has great communication, great product knowledge, and made us feel comfortable through the process. Great help training the pup as well

Virginia O. | Holden, MA

Brian was fantastic! We have had the fence for two weeks and Brady loves it! The price was great and included everything we needed. Brian was great with Brady and he pretty much knew to stay away from the flags after Brian worked with him for just a little while! The install went quick and Brian was readily available anytime I called with questions! I can’t say enough. I would recommend ideal dog fence and Brian to anyone!

Rob & Tammy |

We love being able to let her “run” and “play” and know that she’ll stay safely in our yard. We would highly recommend a Dog Guard Fence to anyone thinking of purchasing one!

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