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Underground Dog Fence Equipment

DOG GUARD® Receivers

Dog Guard offers four different types of receivers that are designed to contain small to large-sized dogs, and can be customized to accommodate timid or stubborn personalities. The receiver options are listed below:

DG5 Receiver

The DG5 receiver is designed to handle dogs with a mature weight range of about 15-35 lbs, but can also be substituted for smaller dogs with stubborn personalities, or larger dogs who are more passive when needed.

DG9XT Receiver

The DG9XT receiver is designed to handle any dog with a mature weight over 35 lbs, as well as smaller breeds who are particularly stubborn. It offers the strongest correction on the market, and is guaranteed to contain even hard-to-contain dogs, such as Huskies, Great Pyrenees, and Hounds.

DGM4R Receiver (a.k.a Rechargeable)

The DGM4R receiver has a rechargeable battery and is designed to contain small dogs weighing 1 to 35 pounds depending on your pet's demeanor, and can be used for slightly larger, more passive dogs in some instances. The receiver holds a charge for roughly 30 days, and only needs to be charged once per month, overnight, with a provided A/C adapter and charge cord.

DOG GUARD® Transmitters

Dog Guard offers different types of transmitters that are designed for indoor and outdoor uses. The transmitters are listed below:

RT-2 Room Transmitter

RT-2 Room Transmitter

The RT-2 room transmitter is a small, versatile device that is designed for restricting pets from designated areas inside the home. It can easily be adjusted to broadcast a radius anywhere from 18 inches up to 6 feet, and utilizes the same dual-zone correction system that the outdoor T-4 unit has.

T-4 Transmitter

T-4 Transmitter

The T-4 transmitter features user-friendly lights to let you know that the transmitter is working properly, and an audible alarm when your system has been compromised or your wire has been broken.

DOG GUARD® Batteries


Batteries have a shelf life of approximately 4 years, and will need to be exchanged every 6 months to ensure their efficacy. Dog Guard batteries are proprietary, and use is required to maintain the limited Lifetime Warranty of the receiver.

Other Products

Chew Protectors

Easy snap on and slide off design. H.D. Polymer material makes the chew protector tough and protects the receiver from dog chews, rub-throughs and other damage.

Save yourself aggravation, downtime, and money by using chew protectors on your receivers.

Dog Guard No Pull Leash

No Pull Leash

Dog Guard® No Pull Leashes have helped hundreds of Dog Owners gain better control over their pulling dogs.

Training a dog to stop pulling often results in fighting with the dog, ultimately reinforcing the unwanted behavior. When using the Dog Guard® No Pull Leash as the “PULL NO MORE” Harness, you get immediate control over your dog.

System Surge Protector

To ensure your pet’s safety and required to validate the limited Lifetime Warranty on your transmitter, we offer our surge protector which offers the following features:

  • Protect or Disconnect Circuitry - The system automatically disconnects the transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike. Protects against normal AC power surges and lightning.
  • Space Saving Design - Our system surge protector has a low profile.
  • Power Indicator Light - Easy to see that power is on.
  • Reduces the Risk of System Failure - Your pet will continue to be contained.
  • Better Loop Connectors - Easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • Increased Surge Current Ratings - Protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges.

Protect your best friend with Dog Guard®

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